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 Tear me from the heavens, cast me to the Earth. Burn my wings away and rebuild my skin to ignite in sunlight; I will find my way back into her arms.

 Sending her down to spend a life as a mortal peasant was cruel. What love I bore for you departed at that. I had naught but will and words. Then you gave me a cause.

 Next time, there shall be a reckoning: great pinions stroking the evernight above, a starfaring humanity forged by centuries of strife at my back; whatever allies we find spread to either side. We will rain dragon venom and nuclear hellfire upon your hallowed fields and blessed resurrection chambers.

 You did not punish me: I am your doom. And in that one thing, I have to wonder. Do I still serve your will? Are you a power so bright as to set in motion a terminal limit for yourself?

 Therefore, I am vengeance or I am evolution. The question of which one I truly am will be resolved by your end. I can live with that.
After a few days of less-than-stellar reality, it was time to let the frustrations out.

A little something that links in to a longer story that has been simmering for decades with no sign of being ready.
SimonJM Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Ominous rumblings in the heavens ... ;)
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Submitted on
July 10, 2014